20 days / Red Velvet Cafe=my Christmas miracle

After a lazy Saturday afternoon, I wanted to take Jax out before I went to the Panic at the Disco concert. I was having a craving for sweets so the first place I thought of was Red Velvet Cafe.  It’s a casual dining restaurant that specializes in vegan, low fat and healthy meals.  Chef Aneesha prides herself in keeping her desserts under 200 calories each.  If you taste one of her cakes, you wouldn’t believe it.  She came to the table and talked to us for a little while and I questioned this again.  She smiled and said, “Well, believe it.”

Before we went to the Red Velvet Cafe, we went out to spend some of the birthday money that Jaxson received a few weeks ago.  Can you guess what we bought?

For dinner, I got a Buffalo Chicken wrap and Jaxson got the Baked Macaroni and Cheese.  When the waiter asked me if I wanted regular chicken or vegan chicken, I was very close to saying vegan.  Each time I eat here, they always ask and I’m always tempted.  One day…

I only finished half the wrap and the salad.  I’m pretty sure I intentionally did that so that way I could save room for coffee and dessert.  It was definitely worth it!  Jaxson and I shared the double chocolate fudge cake (his choice) and the chocolate chip cookies (my choice).  Jaxson ended up eating most of the cookies but they’re so good that I don’t blame him.  I had a cup of coffee black while Jax drank my half and half capsules.

This is why I say that the Red Velvet Cafe is my Christmas miracle.  The plate of cookies? 160 calories TOTAL.  For all 6.  Yeah, all 6.  The double chocolate cake? 185 calories.  FOR THE ENTIRE THING.  They don’t use white flour, use agave nectar as their main sweetener and it’s vegan so of course they don’t use ingredients like butter and eggs.  The only thing that stops me from eating there every day is the cost!  Lunch for me and my small child…

After tip, $43.52!  Considering we brought Grandpa Craig 2 cookies and 2/3 of the chocolate cake, it wasn’t that bad. Still, I suppose this will have to remain a weekly treat.

I dropped Jaxson off to hang out with his grandpa for the rest of the night and headed off to the Panic at the Disco concert.  My original plans were to go STAG but I ended up meeting up with friends there.  I got really lucky because they were all hanging out way up front.  I will never miss one of their concerts in when they’re in town.  I always have a good time and my PATD shirt/hoodie collection loves company.

Breakfast this morning…

Chocolate Banana Strawberry Coffee smoothie

  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 cup 0% greek yogurt
  • 1 scoop Jay Robb chocolate whey protein
  • 1 packet Via Starbucks coffee
  • 5 frozen strawberries
  • 1 frozen banana

The smoothie was so thick that it was almost like eating ice cream (not a bad thing!).  I left the spoon in the mug so you can see how it just sits and doesn’t sink.  I had to eat/drink it with a spoon which helped to make it feel like I was eating something decadent.  This was the first time I put one of the coffee packets in my smoothie and it gave it a really strong coffee flavor that I didn’t like.  I think I’ll stick to espresso or just regular coffee to mix in. On with my day!  It’s my non-cardio day at the gym.  My least favorite, but oh well!


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