19 days / Overwhelmed!

I woke up, made a breakfast smoothie for myself, made a smoothie for my boyfriend, went out for a 5 mile run, loaded laundry into the washing machine, seared pork chops to throw into the crock pot, finished some paperwork for my work day, showered, got ready for work and then 10am finally rolled around.

Reading that back, it’s no wonder that I’m exhausted right now.  I had a slight panic attack yesterday when Travis and I were organizing all of his clothes to bring on vacation.  So I’m a big planner.  Most vacations, I would already have my outfits planned, my accessories stored away and have a vague idea of how I was going to wear my hair each day.  I don’t have any of the sort ready yet!  I was so anxious last night that I couldn’t wait for my morning run so I could clear my brain and organize my thoughts.  It worked, because as soon as I got home I went on overdrive and refused to stop being productive.

I kept on with my normal routine.  I made my normal smoothie except this time, I added something a little extra!

SPINACH!  I read about it on one of my favorite blogs.  She said she always adds spinach because you can’t taste it and it’s just good for you.  Sure enough, I didn’t even notice and spinach will be a regular in my smoothies from now on.  (I made Travis a smoothie as well this and I know he’s reading this wondering if I put spinach in his smoothie without him noticing.  Hehehe..)

Next, dinner.

Crock pot pork chops.  Pork chops turn out so well slow cooked.  They become so tender and flavorful.  I don’t think I’ll cook them any other way anymore. It looks like I’m cooking a lot but I always want to make sure Travis has dinner for the days that I’m not there to make him something.  Aren’t I precious?

The whole day, I knew I had no intention of having pork chops for dinner because I was craving something extra special today.

Homemade seared ahi tuna salad!!!

I voyaged over to Whole Foods after to work to get one of their pre-crusted tuna steaks.  I couldn’t wait to sear it and get it perfectly rare.  I added avocado to the salad since I had one in the fridge.  It was as delicious as it looked.

Now I’m off to go meet up with my cousin Sammy from Sydney.  I haven’t seen her in almost 10 years so I’m excited to see her.  I’ll also be probing her about Sydney and what to expect.  How typical of me to find a way to relate this to my vacation prep!


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