etc / The Purse.

The boyfriend and I went to the Fashion Show Mall this past weekend for a quick shopping trip.  Before we headed out I politely asked if we could go to Neiman Marcus.  With a hesitant and fearful tone, he asked, “Why?”  I told him I just wanted to look.

We wandered through the Gucci area and realized that the only handbags that I had said were nice were different colors and patterns of the purse I already own.  I said that my next purse would probably be a Chanel anyway, so to Chanel we ventured.

… and there it was.  The perfect handbag.  It’s the classic flap bag with the metal chain adjustable to wear as a shoulder bag, across the shoulder or a large clutch.  I grabbed in off the shelf and a nice sales person asked if she could unlock it for me.  “YES!”

I adjusted the straps to carry it as a shoulder bag and instantly became a part of me.  I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe how perfect it was; the perfect size for my frame, the perfect color that goes with everything… just perfect.

Travis stood back to take a glance and said, “That’s nice.  I like that.”  A big part of me got really excited because what I really heard was “Oh good.  This will make Christmas shopping easy this year.  I opened the soft quilted black leather flap so that I could check out how much damage this was going to be.


My heart sunk.  Any hope of me coming home to it as a Just-Because-I-Love-You gift sailed away.  I knew then to not expect to open this as a gift on Christmas Eve, my birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day… or ever.

I quietly handed the classic Chanel large flap bag to the sales person and got out of there as fast as I could.  If I had spent any longer near it, I knew I would have traded in hard saved and hard earned Australia-vacation cash for that bad boy.  Ehh..  One day.


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