17 MORE DAYS! / Indoor Lunches

I managed to get a lot of things done in the morning before I headed off to work and it really helped me relax.  When laundry is folded and the desk organized, I feel a lot less flustered and can focus a lot easier.  I actually shaved a couple of things off of my to-do list and even though it may be premature to put aside all of my travel beauty supplies 17 to make sure I don’t forget anything, it felt really good to be crossing something off of my to-do list rather than constantly adding to it.

Yesterday, I went to the Las Vegas Farmer’s Market. I normally frequent the market on Saturday, but I needed produce on a Tuesday so off I went!  Armed with only $10 in cash, I didn’t think I was going to be able to get that much.  Nope!

So that way you can get an idea of how large the zucchini was, here’s a picture of it next to my arm.

Yes.  That’s zucchini the size of my arm.

Kevin, my new friend from the market, reminded me that it’s only a medium sized zucchini.  I think he was just trying to impress me.  All I know is that he hooked me up!  I let him guide me through his produce.  He was informative and friendly.  After I thought I had made all of selections, he kept throwing new fruit into the bag and kept saying, “I’m going to give you one of these, try this and tell me next week what you think.”  Sweet!  I ended up with a couple of extra oranges, grapefruit and sweet peppers.  My advice to anyone going to a farmer’s market is to really take the time to talk to the people you’re buying stuff from.  They know what’s the best tasting, what’s in season, and if they like you enough, you’ll notice that your your eco-friendly reusable tote bag is filled a little heavier than the person next to you.  Also notice how my (typically expensive) cherry tomatoes are overflowing onto the counter.

I was really excited for today’s lunch because I knew it was going to be a cherry tomato overload!  Sure enough, t’was excellent.

The theme of my lunch today was apparantly red-orange-yellow.  For lunch today, I made a salad with spinach, chicken, balsamic vinegar and my three varieties of cherry tomatoes, cute little peppers with light honey mustard for dipping, a sweet and juicy nectarine and La Croix lemon sparkling water.

For anyone paying attention, yes, that is my steering wheel.  Because I never know where my schedule will take me, I always pack my lunch and I always park in a random park/parking lot/strip mall and enjoy my lunch.

When it gets nicer outside, I’ll go sit on a park bench and eat there.  Since it’s 105+ degrees outside right now, it’s not an option.  For now, don’t judge me for eating in my car alone.


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