16 / My 6am success.

This is what a 6am victory looks like!  Red, sticky, and unintentionally marked with tan lines.  After a necessary break from my running shoes yesterday, I had set my sights on taking a 7 mile run today.  I prepped my smoothie as usual (chocolate, espresso, banana, and almond butter), dressed for success and headed out the door.

The moment I stepped out the door, I made every excuse to myself.  “Wow, it’s already hot outside, damn the summer heat!” “My ponytail feels a little tight and it’s giving me a headache.” “My calves are a little tight, this probably isn’t a good idea.”  I marched on anyway, telling myself that I’ll just do an easy 3 miles.  I went on my run as usual and complained to myself every step of the way.  About a mile in, I realized that I had too much to think about and decided that if I wanted to, I can do 5 and be happy with myself.

A little bit after the intersection of Flamingo and Hualapai is what I call the point of no return.  It’s the part of my route that’s not quite halfway but turning around would be silly.  At this point during the morning, it was already hot, there were already lots of cars on the road, practically no shade to run under, and all uphill.  That’s when my favorite workout mantras popped in my head to get me through.

  • I have never regret a workout.
  • You know your limit and this isn’t it.
  • You’re only one workout away from a good mood.
  • If it were easy, everyone would do it.
  • The food you eat today is the body you are tomorrow. (irrelevant to working out, but I love this one and wanted to mention it.
I finished the run.  I’ll admit that there were stretches of my route where I paced a thumbnail above speed walking, but I did it!  I mapped out my route and smiled at the 7.17 miles that glowed like glitter from my MacBook.  This puts me at 20.23 miles for the week with two more days left!  Now it’s time to rest so I can do it again tomorrow!

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