14 / Sleepy Saturday

I’m really sleepy this morning but I want to get a lot done so I knew my bed and I would have to part ways. The work week is OVER!!!! It’s Saturday! I’m going to spend Saturday talking about Friday!

I left my house and had a headache likely from the three shots of espresso I had earlier.  What cures my headaches?  More caffeine!  I headed to Sambalatte for a black coffee and thought I was going to be able to restrain from the shiny, sugary, treat display.  Not a chance.

I had two perfect french macaroons.  Pictured above was a passion fruit, the half eaten one below was a raspberry.  Mmmmm….

I think this is how I should spend every morning from now on.

I finished my day and came home to my little one.  As I had mentioned yesterday, I was dying for some Red Velvet Cafe.  Jaxson greeted me with, “I WANT TO GO TO MARK RICH’S!”  Mark Rich’s is his favorite little restaurant/take out spot up in Summerlin. It’s also incredibly mediocre.  I tried talking him into something… anything else.  I tried to meet him halfway; I wanted a menu where I could filter out a healthy option and he could have his pasta and garlic bread.  I suggested Carrabba’s, Cheesecake Factory, I would have even settled with Olive Garden.  He said no to all of them and since I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with him, I just caved.

I wasn’t going to let that stop me from having a good end of the week meal though, so what was my solution?

Two dinners at two different restaurants!

Mark Rich’s first so Jaxson could carbo-load for that marathon he has coming up in September.  That’s spaghetti with garlic butter and garlic bread.  He finished the whole bowl of pasta.  I guess he really wanted it after all.

Now… Mommy’s turn!!

Red Velvet Cafe, here I come!

I had the Shrimp, Avocado, Turkey Bacon Salad.  It was spectacular.  Usually when you order salad with shrimp, it comes with about 5 shrimp.  This salad had more shrimp than I could keep up with and all perfectly cooked.  One thing I can appreciate about RVC is that the salads here are never overdressed.  At restaurants, I typically have to get my dressing on the side because it’s always way too goopy and really takes away from anything good about the salad, leaving me to have to find a proper way to dress an overfilled bowl of greens.

I considered leaving here without a dessert (HA!) but since I was sitting toward the dessert display, I didn’t see that happening.

Even though the Orange Coconut Cream Pie was calling for me, I decided to take home a bag of the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies to enjoy a little later in the evening.  … and enjoy them we did!

Jaxson always seems to have more cookies than I do but he is his mother’s son so I expect nothing less.

And so begins a great weekend!  After my workout today, I’m in the mood to graze through Whole Foods Market to see if anything catches my eye.  It always does.

Saturday also means one other thing… Fresh 52 Farmer’s Market!  Because of work, I skipped the last two.  I think the vendors miss me there so I’m going to make a quick appearance there also.


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