11 / Bad Salads

Note to self: not everything goes well in salads together.

I was at the point where I’m just trying to get rid of vegetables and accidentally made the world’s worst salad for dinner last night.  It had spinach, cherry tomatoes, cubed rotisserie chicken, grated parmesan cheese, baby bella mushrooms.  The only thing that made it tolerable was this annoyingly expensive balsamic vinegar I bought at the Farmer’s Market last Saturday.

Do you remember the extra large zucchini that was the size of my arm?  I roasted that guy.  Check out how much it made.

I couldn’t believe that was one zucchini.  That thing was less than a dollar!!!  I wonder what’s for dinner tonight…

Yesterday after work, since I skipped my morning run, I opted for a late-afternoon spin class.

I was early to class and was the only person in there for awhile.  I pretended like I was teaching the class for a little bit and then someone else walked in the room 😦

I love taking classes in the same way I like running.  It’s a really thoughtless way to workout hard.  You don’t think, you just do.  The teacher tells you everything to do and you just follow.  You don’t have to keep track of much just go with the flow.  Spinning is a personal favorite because I like how into it the teachers get (most of the time).  They’re always yelling loudly and always telling you “DIG THOSE LEGS!!!!!”  The puddle of sweat underneath your stationary bike is also pretty gratifying to see too.  Gross, but pretty awesome.  I always sit up front so I have an unobstructed view of myself in the mirror.  Just sayin’.

Uggggh it’s only Tuesday.  It should be Friday already.


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