11 / My Love Language

Browsing other blogs, I found a cool website finding your 5 Love Languages and what you rank most valuable in a relationship.  I thought it was going to be a website that told me stupid things like those old MySpace surveys used to like which Backstreet Boy I was most compatible with (AJ, for the interested).  Instead, what it did was bring to light why certain things that my significant other did made me really happy and why certain things made my mood better than others.

Out of a possible 12, here is how I scored:

8 – Words of Affirmation

6 – Quality Time

6 – Acts of Service

6 – Physical Touch

4 – Receiving Gifts

I’m not surprised at all to see “words of affirmation” as my top score.  It means that unsolicited comments mean a lot to me.  I not only like to hear “I love you” but I love to hear the reasons why.  Insults are also not easily forgotten.

I understand that everyone can relate to the above but it’s interesting to see that I value that over quality time, acts of service, AND receiving gifts (WHAT?!?!).

When I was upset about having to do so much housework, it didn’t mean as much to me when Travis began to contribute to housework as it was for me to hear how much he valued having me around and how much it means to him.  As much as I do love physical touch, the caring, insightful words he said had always made me feel a bit warmer inside (hehehehe..).

Take the survey.  It’s pretty nice to see what you value most coming from your significant other and also teaches them how to best get through to you.

Since dinner wasn’t that interesting, I will share how I ate it…

… with an middle of the range array of hot sauce!!

If you really need to know, I had an egg white scramble with onions, mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, parmesan cheese and a ridiculous amount of salsa.

I started only with the Cholula, as it’s my standard go to hot sauce.  I realized that it wasn’t very good and really wasn’t complementing my eggs very well, so I busted out the Frank’s hot sauce.  The flavor was far too mild and the vegetables were overpowering, so I used the Tapatio.  That was nothing special so I reached for the Tabasco Chipotle hot sauce.  It flavored my eggs the best but it’s not very spicy.  I still couldn’t decide which hot sauce went best with my eggs so I actually rotated hot sauces every bite.  I’m a slow eater anyway so it didn’t mess with my pace.  Besides, it was adorable.


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