8 / Packing, Day One

With only single digit days left until vacation, I started packing!  What did I start with?

Snacks!  Specifically, Larabars.

I love Larabars.  They’re made with 3-8 ingredients and only three types of ingredients: dates, nuts, and fruit.  They taste fantastic and made a great go to snack or breakfast.  I’m sure a lot of these will be eaten during the 15-hour plane ride there, but I can’t start a day without breakfast so I wanted to be prepared with a little something.

Yesterday was such an off day for me.  The “planner” part of my personality has it’s downsides and one of them is getting stressed out over all of the things that I have left to do in preparation for vacation.  I had such a busy day planned for myself that I couldn’t focus.  Then I realized that it may have also been because I changed up my morning routine.  I ended up having a little granola so that way I had something in my stomach as I went to a 6am spin class at the gym, then went off and had this for breakfast:

Three slices of Canadian bacon, egg whites with salsa salsa with egg whites, and a few strawberries.  Now they say that variety is the spice of life, but I went the entire day looking for my morning smoothie.  I’ll never make that mistake again!

I was looking forward to the last portion of my day though since I had a haircut with someone I’m wholehearted devoted to.  It’s my hairdresser, Marquis.

There is no other person on the planet that I trust with this hair.  I almost cropped the magazine out of the picture so I wouldn’t throw anyone off, but bringing it up myself rather than having someone point it out makes it a little less awkward.  That’s the case for so many things in life.

I also picked up my body lotion for vacation.

When I say “I picked up this body lotion for vacation,” I mean just that.  I picked it up specifically for this vacation.  My sister had bought me this lotion in a different scent (Citron de Vigne) for Christmas and I fell in love.  It’s light on the skin but really hydrating.  Most importantly, the scent is subtle and very pretty. In February, we went to Napa Valley for Valentine’s Day and it was my body lotion of choice during the trip.  I pretty much finished the bottle during the vacation with just a few drips left.  I put it in a drawer and sorta forgot about it.

Cleaning up a few weeks ago, I found that lotion again and used it.  Suddenly, all the memories of that wonderful vacation came flooding back.  It was such a great feeling and I couldn’t believe that it was just the scent of the lotion that did it for me.

After that, I decided that every (significant) vacation I go on will have it’s own Fresh lotion assigned to it.  For Australia, it’s Sugar Lemon.

I’m off for my morning run!  Before I go, I’m going to share another great parenting meal tip.  The tip actually isn’t from me, it’s from my sister who is very not-a-parent.  Still an awesome tip though.

She was kind enough to hang out with Jaxson during my haircut.  When I got home, Jaxson was excited to show me that he was eating “crunchy pasta.”  A little concerned that my sister had deep fried spaghetti and fed it to him as dinner, I raised an eyebrow.  Sabrina quietly told me that she was feeding him spaghetti squash and had sauteed it as his normal spaghetti usually was.  He loved it!  It’s really high in fiber and exponentially better than traditional pasta.  It even looks just like it!  I didn’t get details but I’m pretty sure she baked the squash in the oven and then sauteed it in garlic, butter and herbs.

Hooray for picky eaters that continue to force us to be creative!  Hooray for having a sister that’s just as passionate about food as I am!


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