3 (THREE!) / Go outside

For anyone in Las Vegas that has been yearning for Southern California weather, GO OUTSIDE AND GET MOVIN’!

I just went on the best run I’ve done this summer.  It’s perfectly sticky outside and if you close your eyes, you wouldn’t believe you were in Las Vegas.  I’ve been dreaming of La Jolla/San Diego for months now and because of the weather today, I got my fill.  Even though I can’t WAIT until I can crash my parents’ vacation and take my morning runs to the beautiful (and in my opinion, perfect) city of La Jolla, this will do for now.

It also put me in a great mood.  I’ve been feeling all of the pre-vacation stresses fairly hard this past weekend and I think I sweat it all away.

I came back home and didn’t want the California dream to end, so I hoped for some beach-y, ripe fruit to be waiting for me.  I hit the motherlode!

MANGO!  Like fine wines and my boyfriend, mangoes just get better with age.  That’s really weird to say when it comes to produce, but I bought that ripe bad boy about 2 weeks ago and forgot about it.  To my surprise, when I cut into it, it was juicy, sweet and the perfect way to start the day.

Now I’m off!  I’m hoping to get a million things done before I have to go to work today so the computer is off-limits until I come home later.


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