I’m leaving you in TWO DAYS! / The story of last night’s dinner.

I have two more days left in this wonderful country.  I have way too much to do until then which is why I’m just going to tell you the story of last night’s dinner.

“I’m so hungry!  I can’t wait to have my leftovers from Khoury’s!”

“Aww man, I thought there was way more than that.  I’m really hungry.  That’s definitely not enough protein to get me through dinnertime! I don’t know what to do.  I’m so sad :(”

“WAIT!  I know!”

I love eggs!  I love salmon and vegetables!  Salmon and vegetable omelet!

Something was still missing, that’s when…

Manager’s Special saves the day.

And there it was.  Wednesday’s perfect dinner.  Salmon and vegetable omelet topped with feta cheese.  It sure was yummy and saved the night from becoming a raid-the-pantry-for-anything-good-to-eat-to-fill-me-up kind of night.

I hope something exciting like this happens to me tonight and I mysteriously end up scrambling some watermelon, strawberries, almond butter and eggs (since it’s really the only thing I have in the fridge).


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