Goodbye America, part one.


I always knew this since I would get looks from the boyfriend when I would constantly walk in and out of the bedroom bringing up laundry, taking out the trash, etc.  They were handsome, dreamy 5 am stares silently hoping I would accidentally trip over something and knock myself unconscious until about 9 am (or until he was ready for breakfast).  Keyword: accidentally.

I changed up breakfast this morning in celebration of my departure today.

An apple with almond butter, sprinkled with granola and a homemade double shot cappuccino.

I was a little annoyed when preparing this breakfast took twice as long as it takes me to make a smoothie, but it was crunchy, carb-y, and caffeinated.

I also think that my mood was lifted because I am finally done packing!  I never realized how stressed out I was about it until I zipped up my bad boy and weighed it.  I was under the weight restriction by 30 pounds!!!  What’s a girl to do?

Find another suitcase and find 30 pounds of things to take with you!  It turns out there was really nothing else I could load in, so this is what the second suitcase looks like.

A bag of granola, a water bottle (with a built in filter so I don’t have to buy bottled water constantly – GENIUS!) a couple of belts and a hair dryer.

Dear Mother, you will probably read this before you leave.  No, you cannot put any of your stuff into this suitcase.  I’m trying to teach you how to stay within your allotted weight limitation when traveling internationally.  It’s a life lesson, really.

I’m going to get my nails done before I leave and still have two hours until the nail salon opens.  I’ll find something else to do or pack in the meantime.


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