Australia Day Two / Whew.

My apologies for having to rush through this entry, but I’ve got big plans to feed sharks and stuff.

I’m actually still a little tired because of the journey we did yesterday.  Initially, we were going to take up the day to learn how the public transportation system worked here and explore that way.  Little did we know that everything we wanted to hit was within short walking distance from another.

Let me first begin by telling you about the run I completed to start the day.  After I had typed up yesterday’s post, I got antsy and went outside at 5:30 am anyway.  I suited up in the cutest cold weather outfit.  Don’t I look adorable?

I thought I looked like a superhero.  As unsafe as it was to run in a public area that I was unfamiliar with carrying no phone, during a dark hour, near a large body of water, empty of bodies, it was easily the most satisfying run I had taken in my life.  All I could think about was how lucky I was to have the opportunity to take my morning routine into a city I never thought I would visit.  I loved seeing all the locals walk their way into the office, the crisp, cold air and unfamiliar cement pounding at my feet.

Speaking of crisp air, the weather here is so perfect.  A major concern of ours was that it was winter here.  We were afraid it was going to rain, be cold, and not be too comfortable.  It’s only been two days, but the days have been perfect.  I spent the entire day in a blazer and scarf and actually got too warm towards the middle of the afternoon.  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx it and the days here continue to be just like the ones we’ve already experienced.

Yesterday’s plans were just to explore the city, and explore it we did.  We walked through the city (a fun experience in itself) and journeyed through Circular Quay.  I’m done typing for now.  Here’s a little photo break for you to go on.

Note the photo at Hungry Jack.  That’s the Australian Burger King.  Pretty sweet, right?

The Sydney Opera House was surreal.  Holding back a lot of the emotion I was feeling, I could not believe it was right there before my eyes.  It’s such an iconic landmark; one I never thought I would see in person.  It’s so beautiful, so breathtaking, and really big.  Just being there was an experience in itself.  We still plan on going back and taking the tour.  The building fascinates me.  I’m not a huge architecture nerd, but I absolutely love understanding acoustics and sound.  I wish there was a show on that I would be interested in watching, but I don’t want to watch a performance there just to watch one.

We eventually had to journey our way home.  With blisters on our feet and tired eyes, we both kept saying what a great day it was.  I have an itinerary full of things to do, but the list keeps growing.  Travis and I are city folk and Sydney feeds into us better than I could imagine.

Another quick highlight of my day happened while in the elevator.  I needed to get the hotel menus to bring up to Travis so we could decide on what to eat for the night.  On my way back up, a nice hotel employee and I had made small talk about the day, weather, and so on.  After a brief exchange, he explained, “Wow, you have such a strong accent.”

First, I had never been told that I had an accent (having my only other international experience been in Mexico [and the Philippines for those being technical]).  Second, it made me realize that I may be difficult to understand because I speak with a foreign accent (RIGHT?!).  Lastly, I need to be mindful of the slang I use while here, as it may not convey the same message here as in the States.

Just FYI, I’m posting this toward the last portion of Day Three.  We completed our Shark Dive today, and what an experience that was.  Because I don’t have the time to write an entry that’s worthy of such an experience, I’m leaving you with a teaser.


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