Four? I can’t keep track anymore.

You like how I spend a ton of money on internet so that I can post entries and don’t?  Our days have been packed full of adventure and by the time I get back to the hotel, I’m far too tired to type up something profound and since I have a reputation to uphold, a mediocre blog entry just won’t do.

Thank goodness we’ve been taking so many pictures, otherwise I definitely would have forgotten what we had accomplished so far.

Fun Fact: I’ve been around Australian accents so much that as I’m typing, I’m actually reading it back to myself in an Australian accent – not even the slightest bit joking.

So let me try and recall day four via the pictures we had taken.  Another day of exploration, I believe.  It’s gotten cold here and I had originally planned to visit a couple of zoos.  We decided to hold off for better whether and decided that Thursday was designated a day for shopping.  At this point, we had already eaten our weight in Aussie goodies, so we started the morning in the gym.

The hotel gym here is really nice and the equipment is just like what we have in the gyms back home except for one difference…

The metric system.  The weights are measured in kilograms and we hadn’t the slightest clue on how to convert it over.  On the upside, you’re able to change the treadmills to read miles instead of kilometers.  The treadmills are also a joy to use as your view is that of downtown Sydney and the harbour.

After a nice workout, a nice pancake breakfast, we were off to do some shopping.

The exchange rate here is $1 USD= $0.93 AUD.  Let’s get this on record as well: Sydney is expensive.  We roamed the malls and shops in the downtown area but didn’t find anything worth carrying around the whole day.

We eventually found our way up the Sydney Tower.  Although we weren’t sure we wanted to spend the money to go up here, I’m glad we did.  You really get the opportunity to see the city as a whole and point out places that you would like to explore further.  We got some great shots and had some fun playing with our camera.

Travis is definitely the photographer out of the two of us.  The one exception to that statement is close-up food shots.  I’m the master on that one.

We headed off for dinner and decided on Thai Foon (not to be confused with the Southern California based Asian-fusion Thaifoon).  I’ll get to talking about the food in a moment, but first, check out the water glasses.

It was a hybrid spinning top-water glass.  They were really fun to play with too.

I had the most amazing tofu salad (“Travis, that was really good..” “… uh, babe, do you want to order another one or something?”) while the boo had a chili basil chicken dish.  We also shared a Masaman curry (Not pictured here.  We ate it too fast.).

After dinner, we were amidst a beautiful skyline and took advantage.  We took a sweet Ferris Wheel ride in the harbour and then spent an obnoxious amount of time taking self portraits in the park.  Somewhere in the middle of all of the pictures, I discovered that our SLR had a swiveling LCD (so that way we could better self-portait ourselves).  Imagine how much fun our egos had.

Before we ended the night, I wanted to pass by the grocery store since the novelty of pastries for breakfast had worn thin.  I wanted to pick out a nice breakfast cereal.  It turns out I grocery shop here just like I do at home; getting as much fiber as possible out of my carbs and carefully avoiding high fructose corn syrup and artificial colorings.

In the hour that it took me to select my cereal of choice, Travis made some funny discoveries.

Anyone care for a batch of Rice Bubble Treats?

Sultana=raisin.  Capsicum=(Green, red) Peppers.  Sweet, yeah?


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