Hunter Valley

I purchased a week’s worth of internet last Friday.  That means that I have about 24 hours left of unlimited internet access.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m a little behind on my days.  I’m sure you don’t blame me; I’ve been a bit busy.  When I’m not busy, I’m tired.  I want to blog as much as possible today not only to keep up but mostly because I know that if I wait any longer, I won’t be able to recollect the days as easily.

The Saturday after the wedding, we had booked a full day tour of Hunter Valley.  It’s wine country up here in Sydney and really comparable to Napa (except better).  The only dreadful part of this day was the early wake up call after a night of wedding-partying.

We were met downstairs by our large bus and tour guide, Jim.

Jim was really informative and friendly.  The trip to Hunter Valley takes two hours, and Jim managed to fill the entire two hours with historical facts about Sydney.  He’s worked for the tour company upwards of 15 years and you can tell he really enjoys it.

He explained that he would be taking us to 5 wineries, a brewery, a cheese shop and a chocolate shop (or choccie shop, as he kept referring to it as).  Somewhere in between there was going to be lunch.  My first thought was what a great deal this all was for $99/person.  All of the tastings were included, so we really weren’t required to spend another dime if we wanted.

We visited the Savannah Estate (my favorite), Brokenwood, Tempus Two, a winery at the Hunter Valley resort (skipped this one) and Ernest Hill.

Jim was gracious enough to stop at a nice area in town for pictures.  Hunter Valley really was beautiful.  It carries the tranquility that Napa holds and the air is similarly fresh, but the scenery is slightly more diverse.

A couple of highlights…

The Smelly Cheese Shop.  Sabrina was in heaven.  I picked up a Labna to take home and enjoy in the hotel room while Sabrina bought every other cheese available at the shop.

Although I appreciate how my boyfriend has a different level of appreciation for wine compared to what he had in the past, I still respect that he is a red blooded American born and bred male.  Beer will be he true love and there is nothing the best wine can do to change that.  One of our stops was the Blue Tongue brewery, where we were able to sample their different brews on a paddle.  I FINALLY had my first Ginger Beer in Australia, too.

The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company.  Choccies!  We picked up some sweets to take to our loved ones back home.  For my little guy, I picked up some chocolate pasta.  I can’t wait to have a taste of that one!

Wine drunk and tired, I managed to sneak an hour long nap on the way back home. Too tired to explore outward into the city for dinner, we settled on a nearby Thai takeout restaurant.

… and goodnight!


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