Yum Cha

I haven’t had dim sum/yum cha back home for all of 2011.  That’s really concerning, considering dim sum was a bi-weekly event for me family.  I luckily had done some research awhile ago and learned that Sydney had some of the best yum cha restaurants.

I originally planned on introducing Travis to yum cha here in Sydney, hoping that he would have a higher willingness to try it since we were on the other side of the world.  It’s such an unfamiliar style of dining (for example, I don’t know how he would feel about his pork dumplings sharing the same steam cart as chicken feet) that I knew it was a stretch… I still kept hoping.

Sabrina had called our hotel room early morning Monday, telling me that she found a really good yum cha place near Chinatown.  I told her that we’d be there!  We’ll meet at 11.

I got off the phone with her and told Travis about the lunch plan.  He politely declined and said that he really didn’t feel like going.  Fail.

We had our first afternoon apart here in Sydney (and it surely was lonely without him “….awww!”) but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to have some yum cha here in Sydney!

Even though she doesn’t eat meat, Sabrina is my absolute favorite dining partner in the entire world.  She’s adventurous and very indulgent in her choices.  Because she and I grew up learning that food not just nourishment, but an experience, we understand each other and know how to truly enjoy food.

Now having said that, I’m not saying that our lunch was some psychological roller coaster or a self-discovery of some sort, we just straight-up ordered a lot of food.

I have a love/hate relationship eating with my sister.  She’s so ambitious when ordering food and can’t say no as soon as they mention “no meat”.  She shovels down a ridiculous amount of food and is still built like a supermodel.  She eats with vigor and vivaciousness (I asked, “Why are you putting your hair up?” “Because this is a ‘hair up’ kind of meal.”).  There was one cart that she HAD to order something from each time it rolled around; it was the dessert cart, of course.

We finished our lunch as you should when eating yum cha, splitting a bowl of sweet tofu/taho (for your Filos [“Filipino”, as said here in Aussie town]).  We also shared mango sago while I had bites of Sabrina’s cassava pastry and egg custard buns (it was so funny watching her try to resist ordering this when the lady came up and offered it to us).

It was such a fun lunch and it really was that much better here in Sydney.  We obviously had so much food to take home (our excuse for ordering half of the food we did was “Mommy would like this.  We should take some of this home for her.”) because we/I couldn’t eat anymore.

On the long walk back to our hotel , the bitch turns to me and says, “Hey do you want to go get a cookie or dessert?”



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