Blue Mountains

Almost pointless since I was hoping to be able to have everyone reading take our travel adventures simultaneously, I still want to try and keep up as much as possible with daily Australian recaps.

Since I had already given you an insight on Monday (Yum Cha with Sabrina and zoos and aquariums), I’m going to skip straight through the Blue Mountains!

I was very excited for this day.  I had packed my days with events so heavily that I hadn’t really been able to see my family in Sydney.  The plan was this; we were all going to pile into a 26-passenger van and driven by Tito Reggie and head on our 2 hour journey.

We were picked up at our hotel and driven off to meet our van.

Oh the fun was just about to begin.  I sat next to my Tita Michelle and Leo which turned out to be an intelligent, yet gluttonous choice… more on that later.

Everyone brought a ridiculous amount of food.  When I say ridiculous, I mean we had turon, cassava cake, sandwiches x 500 (which turned out to not be enough…?), soda, beer (Am I allowed to disclose that since we were on a moving vehicle?), candy, chips, cookies, sweets, etc.

Like I had mentioned earlier, we picked a great seat since we sat behind what I will refer to as “the pantry.”  Here is a list of the snacks we were offered within an hour of departure:


Tim Tams

Macadamia Nuts

Candy Coated Macadamia Nuts

Lamington Bites


… more biscuits and yummies


Travis made a comment that he had probably gained ten pounds on the ride up there alone and I was right there with him.

Regardless, the trip there was quite fun and full of laughter and smiles.

We finally made it up to Katoomba and stopped to take a few (HA… it’s never a “few”) pictures and visit the Three Sisters.


Although cold, a few of us went up to graze our fingers on the Three Sisters.



I had probably just made a loving jab about how cute Travis’s backpack looked on him right here.  It’s likely that he was just tired of me.

The hike down was nice.  The hike back up elevated your heart rate a little bit.  In all fairness, they warned you.

After the Three Sisters, we ended up going to see the mountains via motorized devices politely placed within the mountain.

At the entrance of this area were statues of Aborigines.  Travis saw them an immediately wanted to take inappropriate pictures with them since they were pretty nude.  I became mildly embarrassed and nagged him to be mild.  He politely respected my wishes.



My mother, aunt and great aunt discovered the same figures soon after.  They were significantly rowdier with the fellas.

On to the skyway, railway, skybox… something like that.  More pictures, more fun.





Next on our agenda were the Jenolan Caves.  We had heard so much about them from the rest of our family so we were a bit excited to head in.  Mother nature didn’t let us off easy and really started coming down on us; probably punishment not using energy efficient light bulbs back home.

It snowed the entire ride there.  It actually snowed so much that some of my family found it very fitting to begin singing Christmas carols.  Half of us embarrassed, the other half singing, we continued our snowy ascend into the mountain.

I don’t want to take you through the logic and reasoning but long story short, we didn’t make it up.  It was getting really snowy up there and fairly dangerous to continue.  We ended up in the city and all enjoyed a hot bowl of Pho.



If I can recall correctly, on our ride back to the hotel, we passed by the Olympic Stadium.  I wouldn’t be able to tell you if that was true as I was knocked the heck out and slept like a baby until we arrived.

Thus concludes the Blue Mountain adventure.  Thank you to everyone that provided sustenance, entertainment, great conversation and transportation!


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