Last day!

My last full day entry in Sydney ☹.

When our last full day in Sydney rolled around, we knew it was now or never. We had gotten ready early and headed to The Rocks to position ourselves within close proximity to both the Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Sydney Opera House.

We had chosen to eat breakfast at Lowenbrau Keller, a German restaurant/bar/bierhall. I had what they mention as a traditional Bavarian meat plate.


Notice how the egg yolk takes on an orange hue, rather than the pale yellow that the eggs have here in the States? That’s supposedly because the chickens are happier down in Australia.

During breakfast, we decided that even though it looked as though it may rain, we were going to deal with it and do the Harbour Bridge climb. We decided earlier in the week that we could do without it, but knew that we would just feel better knowing what the climb was all about.


The climb was great. We had a really informative climb leader that led us through the bridge’s history and fun facts. Was it scary being up that high? Nah. You were strapped in pretty well and you can tell that it’s a well-thought out and safe adventure to go on.

My favorite part?

The jumpsuits. The climb required that we change into provided logo’d jumpsuits. Because there was a chance of rain, we were also required to wear nylon rainpants.

You know how you traditionally have googly eyes for your significant other? Well, we went into changing rooms to get into our jumpsuits. We stepped out and I immediately got the hots for my honey. I adored the way he resembled an 90’s gym teacher and that the only thing missing from his outfit was the metal whistle.

I loved the outfit so much that I have one on order for him.  Tonight, I shall be calling him Coach Canga.

Since it was our last night, we had a big party in my mom’s apartment where everyone got to share their thank you’s and goodbye’s.


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