Rockpool Bar and Grill

Wednesday came along and we decided to just get some souvenir shopping done.  Really burnt out on taking pictures, I don’t have visual documentation of us thumbing through the shops primarily looking for the Acura that Jaxson asked for.

I will, however, show you the best burger I ever had.

In a week and a half’s time, Travis would ask what I wanted to eat and I would respond, “I don’t know, I just want to get a burger or something.”  We would find a place with a burger on the menu and I would decide on another menu item.

Wednesday rolled around and I was asked the same thing.  This time though, I think I really wanted a burger.  We did as much internet research as we could and found a restaurant within walking distance (doesn’t matter though, since our lazy-asses still took a taxi) that had a really popular, internet-award winning burger.


May I present to you.. the Famous David Blackmore’s Full Blood Wagyu Hamburger.

While dining in the restaurant, our research was validated as the restaurant was packed full of business lunchers specifically asking, “Would you happen to have a table for two for the Wagyu burger?” The hosts were asked this question by almost every person looking for a table.  I had never seen anything like it.  Also interesting because it was the first BAR I had been to where I felt incredibly underdressed; let alone a bar famous for a burger.

Even though the bar had a full menu, all I saw coming out of the kitchen were the burgers and chips.  Since we they threw us commoners in the corner near the entrance of the kitchen, I really did see everything that came out.

Why did this burger deserve it’s own blog entry?

It’s the beef.  I’ve had good burgers before but it’s mostly thanks to the toppings and bread.  This had all of it, but the beef was the shining star.

I savored every bite and washed it down with Penfold’s BIN 389, a cabernet and Shiraz blend that I hope to easily find back home.

Oh yum.


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