Taronga Zoo

We heard it all throughout our trip. “Aww!  You came here on holiday and got all this rain!  It never rains this much here!”

Ain’t no stoppin’ us!  By Friday, we realized that we couldn’t hope that the next day was better and do everything then.  Rain or shine, we decided to go visit some Australian wildlife and decided that the Taronga Zoo was our best option.

It rained from the moment we left our hotel.  We kept hoping that it would let up with no such luck.

All that said, if you were to ask me what my favorite afternoon in Sydney was, I would pick the ridiculously wet, numbingly cold (from being so wet) afternoon at the zoo.

It was a fantastic day.  Because it was raining, the zoo was free of people; just full of animals.  I felt like we had the place to ourselves.  We hoped from attraction to attraction without anything besides puddles of water stopping us.  With umbrellas in hand, we did the entire zoo in two hours and enjoyed every minute of it.



As we were leaving, Travis met his favorite friend from the zoo.


The sea lion was likely the highlight of the zoo.  It was in love with Travis.  It followed him where ever he stepped.  It even said bye!  I had never seen a grown man fall so in love with an animal

The Taronga Zoo is a beautiful place.  The area is covered in large trees and greenery that it helped give that rainforest effect.  Travis and I were in such high spirits this afternoon, allowing the rain to be only a minor hitch for us.

Our jeans half soaked in rainwater, we grabbed a late lunch/early dinner and had the best pizza I can recall.  Even though I opted for risotto, the pizza quickly overshadowed my meal and became the only thing worth mentioning.

Another yum.


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