Sydney Food, part one

As it should serve on every vacation, the food was a huge highlight of mine.  I was able to incorporate some of the meals we ate in my previous blogs, but the rest of the pictures I took of the food I ate must still be shared.  We were there for 12 nights so you can imagine that I have a lot of pictures.  I might end up having to do this in several parts.

Pancakes on the Rocks (Darling Harbour)

“Hot N Troppo” – Buttermilk pancakes with grilled banana, walnuts, homemade chocolate sauce and chocolate ice cream.

While in Sydney, I told several people that we had eaten at Pancakes on the Rocks.  When they would ask me how it was, I said it was like the Australian IHOP.  Thinking back, I was way off with that comparison and likely offended Pancakes on the Rocks.  Sorry, POTR.

Travis and I ordered two dishes here, one savory and one sweet and split them.  This was obviously our sweet plate.  It was good.  As good as pancakes topped with chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, walnuts and bananas will ever be.

Blackbird Cafe (Darling Harbour)

“Wagyu Bresaola” – aged air dried wagyu beef with feta, spanish pepper cream, oregano, balsamic glaze and walnuts

This may have been my non-Quay favorite appetizer that we ordered our whole trip.  Side note: did you know they call appetizers “entrees” down there?  It’s a little confusing at first, but you get used to it.

I’m a huge fan of different textures and contrasting flavors.  The beef was salty and tender, the feta was light and creamy, the balsamic glaze was sweet, and the walnuts were perfectly toasted.  We scraped the plate clean of the pepper cream, too.  I was afraid that it was going to be an aioli and be really heavy, but it carried a more cream cheese-like texture.

My only complaint was that it was served with a garlic bread.  I would have preferred plain grilled bread with olive oil.  The flavors in the dish were strong enough and the garlic got lost in the globe of savory.  That’s nitpicking though.  The bresaola was great.

What better way to end the post than with a dessert…

Ghermez Cupcakes – George St.

1 dozen mini cupcakes for $24

It’s funny that I’m including this in the post because I wouldn’t wish these cupcakes on my worst enemy.

After eating Yum Cha with my sister, we went to pick up a dozen mini cupcakes to take back for everyone.  They had so many promising flavors, including the Sticky Date featured here.

We took the long walk back to our hotel gripping the box tightly so that the frosting wouldn’t get smudged.  I handed Sabrina the cupcakes to take to her room, freshened up in my own hotel room, and met her back up with a hankerin’ for cupcakes.

I got up to her room and she already had a disappointed look on her face.

“They’re not good.”

I had a bite of the Sticky Date cupcake and it was like biting into a cupcake sized Communion host.  The cupcake was so dry that even if it was flavored with sticky dates, you wouldn’t have tasted it.  The frosting was worst.  It was as if they took cheap marshmallows, melted them, re-fluffed them and then used it to top the cupcakes.

One bite was all I need.  I bought Travis two; a banana chocolate and a peanut butter chocolate.  I didn’t even let him have them and told him to save his calories.

Left on the table at the apartment, the uneaten cupcakes miraculously disappeared by nighttime.  Maybe if you closed your eyes and thought they were croutons, they would taste good.


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