What I Ate Wednesday

Are you all ready for What I Ate Wednesdays?

I am.


The chocolate banana espresso almond butter smoothie inside the almond butter smeared blender can only mean one thing…

Oh yeah.  I’m back in the game.

Mismatched cushion socks and all..

I ran an exhausting 5 miles today.  I maintained the same pace as I normally did and by the time I got home, I was nauseous as ever.  If my body was still jet lagged (which it’s not because I’m a super hero), it thought that it was around midnight Sydney time.  It was probably wondering, “What are you doing exercising at midnight?  Don’t you know you should be sleeping in your wonderfully firm hotel bed with the lush blankets and pillows/still drinking wine at the hotel bar?”

Vacation will never be over.

Post-run snack:

A nectarine that Farmer’s Market-Kevin knew that I would like.


A mustard filled turkey sandwich… and I do mean mustard filled…

I love mustard.  If I brought the bottle with me, I probably would have poured some on the side and started dipping the sandwich in the yellow gold.

In the sandwich, I also managed to fit an entire tomato.

More farmer’s market goodies!  (The sweetest) Cherry tomatoes, basil, and feta cheese with balsamic vinegar.  A wannabe Caprese salad.  At least the colors are the same.

It was good, but eaten in my car underneath the generous Las Vegas heat, it gave me heartburn.


Fake meat skewers, a cucumber yogurt sauce, and roasted eggplant with whatever cherry tomatoes I had left topped with more feta

Yeah, that’s fake meat.  I’m not a vegetarian but I’m sure you can guess how they got me…

I can’t resist those little stickers!!!  It wasn’t that bad though.  I’ve grown up around fake meat for a lot of my life and actually like it.  I also know that it’s an easy go-to-protein that typically doesn’t require cooking (just reheating).

So the meat was good, my cucumber yogurt dip was not.

While at the farmer’s market yesterday, I asked FM-Kevin, “What’s that?”

“That’s a lemon cucumber.”

“What’s it taste like?”

“A regular cucumber.  It just looks like a lemon.”


I knew I wasn’t going to be in the mood for cucumber in the next few days, so making a cucumber yogurt dip was my only shot of getting rid of it before it went bad.  So I threw together some greek yogurt, threw in some dill and cut up the cucumber.  Even the inside looked just like a regular cucumber.

The dip was mediocre and ended up not going well with the fake beef skewers like I thought it would so I pretty much left it uneaten on my plate.

Lastly, I made a tray of roasted eggplant and tomatoes.  My sister’s coming to watch Jax tomorrow and I always like having food around for her.  It was pretty yummy, but I overcooked it.  The eggplant’s peel took on a crunchier-than-should-be texture.

I was also really amused at how raw eggplant feels like foam.  Cutting it up, it reminded me of large foam pits that I had always dreamed of diving into, especially after watching marathons upon marathons of Nitro Circus on MTV.


A sliced banana with almond butter and chocolate chips.

I think I have an almond butter problem.

I ate this all while wearing…

It’s never too early to wear the souvenir shirts you bought for yourself.

So… what did you eat on Wednesday?


2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. You are making me want to try some of that almond butter now. Do you keep an estimate count of how many calories your meals are? I’m just curious. Right now, I feel so guilty when I have a sandwich for lunch because I know those two pieces of bread are like 90 cal each.

    • Almond butter is awesome. Stick with a brand like MaraNatha that uses one ingredient: roasted almonds.

      I used to be a monster when it came to counting calories, so much that it became an obsession. I practice Intuitive Eating and ever since I’ve been a lot happier. I don’t obsess and focus on a number as much as what I’m actually consuming and how I really feel. You never realize how much it consumes you until you stop. I focus on carefully reading ingredients and eating lots of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Also, I eat very slowly and chew my food thoroughly, something that is emphasized when eating intuitively. I catch a lot of crap about it, but I don’t really care.

      As far as starches and carbs go, I always choose whole grains. I have to have them early in my day or I end up being an emotional wreck toward the night. I love the way whole grains fill me up and give me sustainable energy that lasts through the day. I always have to have some sort of oat (oatmeal, granola) or whole grain wheat or grain throughout my day. I also realized that I have more efficient workouts and longer distance runs the day after eating a reasonable amount of whole grains. I see it as small downside, large reward.

      That and carbs and starches are just so freaking good.

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