Europe 2012

I built this blog around my vacation to Australia and now that it’s over, I’m struggling to write about [anything, really].  I will share my next exciting adventure… EUROPE 2012!

I have a cousin that recently got engaged.  Now she’s getting married and lucky for the Salonga family, she lives in London and is holding her wedding there.  I’m very fortunate to have such an international family and have lots of cousins in the marrying age.  I feel less spoiled when I can say, “I’m going to Europe, but it’s for a wedding.”

I loved how thorough I was with the parts most memorable in my experiences in Sydney.  My mother recently showed my aunt our pictures from the vacation and I kept hearing her say, “I read that on Stephanie’s blog!”  I received positive feedback from many of you that motivated me to document my adventure and received complaints when I skipped a day of blogging.  I thrive off of having something to look forward to.

Even though we’re not going until late next year, a little bit of everything I do from here on our may possibly be Europe related and I will continue to use this as an avenue to share.

Although the decision will entirely come down to where me, Travis and my family will want to go and what we want to experience, I’m willing to hear suggestions.

Where have you been?  What have you seen?  Where would you go if you had the opportunity?


4 thoughts on “Europe 2012

  1. Go to Ireland… it’s gorgeous… Dublin is alright, but you have to see the country side. Also London is AWESOME. You’ll never get bored. Wear comfy shoes and invest in an Oyster Card because it’s the most efficient way around. Memorize the Underground maps and the lines that take you back to your hotel because you’ll feel like a dork looking at a map in a station while everybody else seems proficient on where they need to go… London also seems like a place to have “goals”… if you don’t write down everything you want to see you’ll most likely forget and regret it (I missed Abbey Road!)… while you are there go out of the city and hit a small town pub… eat their food… one thing I learned is that if it’s Sunday and there’s a match on… the matron of the pub will have free homemade stew (and anyone can eat… it’s a pretty sweet open-door custom). While in London, you might as well go to Paris because it is literally a train ride away… you’ll be there in like 2 hours… while you’re at it take advantage of the whole awesome European rail system because it’ll take you everywhere and for a decent price once you’re in Paris! Go to Spain, duh… and another highly recommended place is Berlin… I have more… call me. But yeh… go to Ireland.

  2. We’re probably going to do 5 destinations total. So far, my list is…

    London (Duh.)
    Berlin or Munich (haven’t decided yet)
    Athens/one of the pretty Greek islands
    Dublin (or where ever they went in PS I Love You)

  3. If you’re gonna go to Greece go to Santorini… that’s the best place, I think… also yes… it’s Dublin that they went to in PS I Love You… to be specific it’s a little city 45 minutes on the train called Dun Laoghaire… Bren and I picked out our retirement home there… it’s gorgeous! hehe

  4. YES! The pretty little island I was referring to was that (and to continue referencing chick flicks, I wanted to go there because that’s where she went on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).

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