See you in paradise!!

Hi again! For all of you that were worried, no, I have not forgotten about the blog.

Yes, I’ve been really busy. My normal life is regretfully too boring to blog about consistently. Do you want to know what I ate today? Yesterday? Want to see what I baked yesterday? Did you want to know how I felt about the start of the NFL season? I know you don’t so I’m saving you the trouble of filtering through posts to get to something good.

Guess what though? I’ll be spending the weekend in Honolulu. You know, no big deal. I’m holding back the 3 paragraph long tribute I had written in my mind about how great my boyfriend is to share an opportunity he had to go out of town with me. I get excited when I know I get to spend an entire work-free weekend with him, let alone in Hawaii.

To take you through my day thus far, I finished my work day (and it really felt like the longest ever) and now I’m hanging out in the airport. I was afraid of having to hang out with other traveling folk in the security line since the line at the D Gates were insanely flooded with people, but as I journeyed over to the C Gates, I was surprisingly the only person there. I even had the tram all to myself!

To maximize the time in paradise, I decided to fly from Las Vegas to LAX since Hawaiian Airlines had better flight times leaving LAX than they did at the McCarran. I promise, this had nothing to do with there being a Pinkberry at the terminal I was flying into.

I repeat, this had nothing to do with Pinkberry at the terminal I was flying into.

This decision had nothing to do with my body being Pinkberry-free against my will since October 2010.

It actually had a little to do with there being a Pinkberry at LAX. When I first started looking at flights, the ones coming from McCarran were stupid. Why would I want to depart at 1am and arrive there at 4am? I was a click away from booking that flight when I thought, “It would be so awesome if it connected in LAX. That way I could get Pinkberry.” I then came up with a genius idea to create my own connection. It just happened to work in my favor so that way I arrived in Hawaii at a reasonable hour.

That’s the story and I’m sticking to it.

What did I have in heaven?

(That’s what I’m calling it from now on)

Original tart with mango, blueberries and raspberries.

As if my life couldn’t already get any better, I learn that there’s a Pinkberry at Honolulu International Airport.

I swear, the decision go to Hawaii had nothing to do with me having contact with two different Pinkberry locations.


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