I have never been a huge fan of my birthday. 

People who say that their birthday isn’t a big deal to them are lying.  

It’s a holiday that was made for you and only you.  You don’t have to share is with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, President Lincoln or the United States of America.  When you claim that you are, in fact, a really big fan of your birthday, though, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.  

You expect the day to resemble a dream.  The day is expected to be magical and full of glitter and wishes.  Even though your birthday was a great freaking day, you didn’t run into Justin Bieber, you didn’t find $1,000,000 in a suitcase.  You actually didn’t even win $500 on that lottery scratcher you bought on a coffee run.  

During the day, you spend it reflecting over the last year of your life.  It’s likely that you’ll make a New Year’s style resolution, because “26 will be the year I…”

I did all of that.  

It was my birthday yesterday and I even though the Biebs was nowhere to be found and I’m still not a part of the 1%, I had a great day.

I spent Birthday-eve (Birthday is capitalized because you capitalize all holidays, don’t you?) like most 12 year olds do.  


Cosmic bowling.  

For anyone paying attention, like my mother, you’ll notice that I have spent 6 out of the 8 last birthdays bowling.

We had dinner at Bottles and Burgers at Tivoli Village beforehand.  No pictures and not much to review since it wasn’t overly memorable and the hostesses were rude.

I slept, like average people do at night, and then…

The Birthday.

I spent the early afternoon eating brunch with a bunch of tourists.


I’m fortunately my most charming around tourists and as the boo and I were waiting for our table to be ready, we chatted it up with four dudes from [I don’t remember/can’t recall/didn’t care].  After 5 minutes of charismatic small talk, they sent a couple of mojitos our way.  Happy Birthday to me!


I started with the tiger shrimp and roasted garlic corn tamale.  I had this a few years back and remember saying that it was the best cooked shrimp I had ever had.  No difference now.  The shrimp was tender, juicy and melted like butter in my mouth.  I only wish the tamale had some heat. It was pretty tame and I guess I expected the chili-king Bobby Flay to sneak bits of chili into everything on his menu.



Even though we were here during brunch hours, I went for the Ancho-Chili Honey Glazed Salmon.  Doesn’t it make your mouth water just looking at it?  The fish was cooked medium (with permission) and now I’m not likely to have it prepared any other way.   It was accompanied with a black bean sauce and jalapeno cream and sauteed spinach hiding underneath the fish.

Bobby Flay has a Mesa Grill cookbook.  I wonder if the recipe for this is in it.  If so, someone get me a late birthday present, please.


Besides the food, I spent the rest of the afternoon getting spoiled…


(If you’re wondering why I’m carrying the purse and the shopping bag it came from at the same time, it’s because 3 seconds after the lady wrapped up my new purse in the super large gift box, I stepped outside of the store [because asking if you can “wear it out” seemed so tacky], threw the Guc in the oversized gift box and rocked my new wallet carrier for the rest of the day.)


…and with the best greeting card picker in the world.



I had a great Birthday.  Reflecting over the day right before bed, we equally couldn’t believe how much laughter we expelled.  We didn’t reflect long, as we were asleep by 9.  

I am grateful for the [best] friends that didn’t need a Facebook notification to remind them that it was my day and the son that (practically) didn’t need a reminder that January 14th was mommy’s birthday.  


Would I change anything about yesterday? 

I would have eaten birthday cake.



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