2-month recap

Hi everyone! I realized that I never finished my Hawaii blogs from a month ago. I have them saved on my computer, but they’re so outdated that half of the writing is irrelevant. I guess it’s good to still have them diary-style though…

I still have lots of pictures to share from that vacation, so here!

I call this one “Pineapple in Paradise.” Travis still had to work on Friday, which left me alone with the hotel room and Hawaii in general. Since I had flirted with the city (see: the journey to Leonard’s), I just wanted to relax, hang out on the balcony, and eat some pineapple.

Funny sidenote… have any of you ever had pineapple burns? I had never experienced them until this tub of fruit. When pineapple is under-ripe (I wouldn’t have known it; it was already so sweet!), it produces an acid on your tongue and if you have enough of it, it burns just like a hot substance would. I hated it and I had a miserable two hours afterwards. When I say miserable, I really mean that I’m sorry to any stranger or tourist I met afterwards and complained about my pineapple tongue to.

Lava Flow #1

Girly Drink #2

Lava Flow (probably) #9

Girly Drink #23

… so on and so forth. I’m usually no frills when it comes to beverages. I’m not into super sweet, processed, order-something-with-a-dumb-name beverages. In Hawaii, supposedly that’s just the way you’re supposed to do it.

You know the couple that just hangs out in swimwear at the pool/beach bar and just lounges around while drinking brightly colored cocktails? Guilty!

I overdid the Lava Flows though. By our first night, the boyfriend and I were known to have drinks down at the lobby, and then order our last round to share on our balcony (notice how much I loved this balcony?).

I think I had my last one about 6 hours prior to leaving Honolulu. At this point, I was in a sugar coma and vowed never to order a blended beverage ever again. So far, so good. It really is just way too much.

The MF-in’ FOOD!

Mahi-Mahi with rice and other stuff. Looks great, but forgettable. Very, very forgettable. So much that I already forgot about it.

Did I tell you that I ran a second trip down to Leonard’s on Saturday morning so that I could get malasadas for the boo to try?

Oh yeah, pictures or it didn’t happen.

Saturday morning, I didn’t plan on running, but since sleepyhead boyfriend isn’t down with 6 am like I am, I got bored and laced up.

I was just going to run a little, but then I felt bad for not having shared my Leonard’s experience with the boy. I headed up, waited in line, and grabbed a half dozen to bring back to the hotel.

Leonard’s is almost 3 miles from the hotel and remember, I just told you I bought a half dozen malasadas. I tied the bag of malasadas to my running belt, realized that I would probably have to hold them since they were too heavy and were bouncing around everywhere, and jogged on. My goal was to get them back as fresh as possible.

So are you picturing it? Girl running with a box of malasadas through the streets of Honolulu, sweating and sweating hard. Oh, it rained, too. Hard.

I made it back to the hotel, slammed the hotel room door open, and yelled, “TAKE A PICTURE OF ME!” (For blogging purposes only. It was a funny story and I had every intention of posting it here.)

T replied, “You don’t want anyone to see a picture of you right now…”

SUSHI MONSTAHHH! That’s a roll of something with something and a garlic chip on top. It was delicious but I shamefully can’t remember what was inside of it for the life of me.

Our (only) date night in Hawaii was a planned sushi date. Unlike Australia, we had the luxury of Yelp-ing and Urban Spoon-ing places to eat at. We stumbled upon a sushi restaurant in the Waikiki shopping area. We had dinner outside on their terrace, overlooking the city.

OK, so now you’re caught up on Hawaii.

Time flew by and far too quickly, but we managed to take a couple of balcony (I ❤ balconies) sunset pictures while we were there.

Again, I am really fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience Hawaii for the first time. It sucks that it was just a little teaser, but whatever. I’ll be back.

Love you all! Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Honolulu!

One of the most exciting parts of travelling to a new place is being able to take my morning run on a journey it’s never been.

Sorry Sydney, Honolulu wins this round.

This was, by far, the most pleasing run I had ever been on.

Travis and I were fortunate enough to stay at the Hilton Hawaiian Village here in Honolulu. As soon as our room was booked, I shot an email over to the hotel and asked them if there was a jogging trail near the hotel. They replied:

“There is a cement walkway that skirts the outer banks of our property and runs the majority of the length of the world famous Waikiki Beach that will provide you with stunning views during your jogs.”

Major f-ing understatement.

Hawaii is 3 hours behind Las Vegas time so I wasn’t surprised when I woke up at 3:19am time fairly alert. I forced myself back to sleep and made it until 5am. I sat in bed and behaved since the partner was still fast asleep. When I couldn’t take it anymore (at 5:10am), I got up and peeked out the window.

The sun was adorably peeking above the ocean. The more it rose, the more anxiousness grew. I suited up in my gear, fanny-pack and all. Travis had to go to work anyway so I knew I had some time to kill before he was back at the hotel.

I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. The weather was perfect (the weather here just IS perfect), the walkway was fairly empty, and the ocean served as my companion.

After a blissful hour and a half of exercise, I stepped away from the oceanfront and make my way into the city. I had a destination to make my way to.

I headed away from the ocean and headed toward a more residential area. This was definitely “head to work” time in Honolulu because the traffic was terrible. Lucky for me, the sidewalks were empty.

I had already logged 4 miles in, but my destination was another two miles away. Oh well, let’s go another two!

If you’re anybody that’s anybody, you know that you have to

have a Malasada when in Honolulu. It’s a very popular tourist spot and a frequent spot for tour buses to stop into.

The only, repeat: only, place to get them is from Leonard’s Bakery. A Malasada is a Portuguese-style donut without the hole, traditionally covered in sugar and sometimes filled with custard. The bakery was full of people and the line wrapped quite a way around. I stood in line and even though I already knew what I was going to order, I was still very tempted by the other sweets in the display.

When it was my turn to order, I grabbed two: one cinnamon and one haupia (coconut-custard).

I maneuvered my way through the tourists and found a place behind the bakery to dig into the goodies.

The cinnamon was good. It’s great to have them so fresh. It has a crispy shell and a soft and chewy interior. It’s melt-in-your-mouth warm and is superior to every donut I’d ever had. I finished about half because I had the idea down in my mind already.

But the haupia…

Oh the haupia…

I bit into this and instantly went to heaven. It had the same crispy outside as the cinnamon and would just as dough-y as the cinnamon, but the filling was incredible. I’m not a fan of custard or jelly filled donuts. I actually hate them, so I didn’t expect to like this. The custard was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet, had the perfect amount of coconut flavor, and complemented the dough so well.

I’m so glad that I made my way to have one of these.

Supposedly, it’s really important to fuel your body with carbs after a long workout. I’m sure this is exactly what they meant.

Wait, this was 2 miles away from my hotel? Does that mean that I have to run/jog/walk 2 miles to get back?

Oh, yeah.

I enjoyed it though. I walked through a better part of the city heading back and passed by cute little shops along the way.

I continued to enjoy Waikiki Beach, as everyone down here should.

See you in paradise!!

Hi again! For all of you that were worried, no, I have not forgotten about the blog.

Yes, I’ve been really busy. My normal life is regretfully too boring to blog about consistently. Do you want to know what I ate today? Yesterday? Want to see what I baked yesterday? Did you want to know how I felt about the start of the NFL season? I know you don’t so I’m saving you the trouble of filtering through posts to get to something good.

Guess what though? I’ll be spending the weekend in Honolulu. You know, no big deal. I’m holding back the 3 paragraph long tribute I had written in my mind about how great my boyfriend is to share an opportunity he had to go out of town with me. I get excited when I know I get to spend an entire work-free weekend with him, let alone in Hawaii.

To take you through my day thus far, I finished my work day (and it really felt like the longest ever) and now I’m hanging out in the airport. I was afraid of having to hang out with other traveling folk in the security line since the line at the D Gates were insanely flooded with people, but as I journeyed over to the C Gates, I was surprisingly the only person there. I even had the tram all to myself!

To maximize the time in paradise, I decided to fly from Las Vegas to LAX since Hawaiian Airlines had better flight times leaving LAX than they did at the McCarran. I promise, this had nothing to do with there being a Pinkberry at the terminal I was flying into.

I repeat, this had nothing to do with Pinkberry at the terminal I was flying into.

This decision had nothing to do with my body being Pinkberry-free against my will since October 2010.

It actually had a little to do with there being a Pinkberry at LAX. When I first started looking at flights, the ones coming from McCarran were stupid. Why would I want to depart at 1am and arrive there at 4am? I was a click away from booking that flight when I thought, “It would be so awesome if it connected in LAX. That way I could get Pinkberry.” I then came up with a genius idea to create my own connection. It just happened to work in my favor so that way I arrived in Hawaii at a reasonable hour.

That’s the story and I’m sticking to it.

What did I have in heaven?

(That’s what I’m calling it from now on)

Original tart with mango, blueberries and raspberries.

As if my life couldn’t already get any better, I learn that there’s a Pinkberry at Honolulu International Airport.

I swear, the decision go to Hawaii had nothing to do with me having contact with two different Pinkberry locations.